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What is the Hair Transplantation?

Hair Transplantation is a transporting procedure of hair follicles taken from the donor area of a person, namely from the region where the roots have been taken to the hairless area. Hair transplantation is a procedure that can be applied to everyone. It has been performed in two methods as Fue and Fut and it is an operation preferred by anyone.

Reasons of Hair Loss

Alopecia is that the medical term for baldness; there area unit numerous kinds of phalacrosis, as well as alopecia.

Alopecia areata could be a condition that causes a human hair to fall out. it’s Associate in Nursing reaction disease; that’s, the person’s system attacks their own body. during this case, their hair follicles. once this happens, the person’s hair begins to fall out, usually in clumps the scale and form of 1 / 4. The extent of the hair loss varies; in some cases, it’s solely during a few spots. In others, the hair loss may be bigger.

On rare occasions, the person loses all of the hair on his or her head (alopecia areata totalis) or entire body (alopecia areata universalis).

It is believed that the person’s genetic makeup might trigger the reaction reaction of alopecia, beside alternative unknown triggers.

Alopecia areata is hit or miss illness. In some individuals, hair grows back however falls out once more later. In others, hair grows back and remains. every case is exclusive. notwithstanding somebody loses all of his or her hair, there’s an opportunity that it’ll grow back.

Who Gets phalacrosis Areata?
Anyone will develop phalacrosis areata; but, your probabilities of getting {alopecia area unitata|alopecia} are slightly bigger if you have got a relative with the illness. additionally, alopecia happens a lot of usually among those that have relations with reaction disorders like polygenic disorder, lupus, or thyroid illness.

Can alopecia Be Cured?
Alopecia areata can not be cured; but, it may be treated and hair will grow back. In several cases, {alopecia area unitata|alopecia} is treated with medication that are used for alternative conditions. Treatment choices for alopecia include:

Corticosteroids: medication medication that area unit prescribed for reaction diseases. Corticosteroids may be given as Associate in Nursing injection into the scalp or alternative areas, orally (as a pill), or applied locally (rubbed into the skin) as Associate in Nursing ointment, cream, or foam. Response to medical care is also gradual.
Topical contact allergens or sensitizers. this kind of medical care is also used if the hair loss is widespread or if it recurs. The inflammation that the treatments cause might promote hair regrowth. Another name for this treatment is topical therapy.
Rogaine (minoxidil): This topical drug is already used as a treatment for pattern phalacrosis. it always takes concerning twelve weeks of treatment with vasodilative before hair begins to grow. Results may be unsatisfying.
Other medication that area unit used for alopecia with varied degrees of effectiveness embody medications accustomed treat skin problem and alternative disease.

The Advantages of Fue

The main advantage of the FUE technique is that a patient isn’t exposed to risks like massive scars and/or pain, that is usually related to alternative treatments like FUT/strip technique. FUE Hair Restoration is right for the treatment of each early and advanced hair loss.
Read a lot of concerning the advantages of a FUE hairtransplant.

Hair Transplantation in Women

Like men, hair transplantation is applied in women, and there is no age limits. Positive results obtained from men are also obtained from women in hair transplantation.

Who is suitable for hair Transplantation?

Hair transplantation is a procedure done to everybody who has hairlessness problem and does not have any disorder.

What are the Hair Transplantation Methods?

Hair transplantation procedure is that hair follicles taken are transplanted to the hairless region. This procedure is performed by two methods. These methods are Fut Method and Fue Method.

Does any Trace Remain After Hair Transplantation?

In the hair transplantation by Fue method, taking and transplanting processes are performed without using cutting tools. Therefore, any trace does not come into question.

How to Determine a Hair Line?

Hair line is a process that should be determined by both doctor and patient. When determining the hair line, age of person must be taken into consideration. Determining a hair line suitable for the age gives person naturalness.

Why Must It Be in Operating Conditions?

Hair transplantation operation must be done in place suitable for the operating conditions, because the hair transplantation operation is also a surgical process like other processes. It is important to respond quickly to problems that may occur.

What is the Differences Between Fue and Fut?

By Fut method, taking and transplanting processes are performed by using cut in a collective manner. By Fue method, taking and transplanting processes of hair transplantation are performed without the cut one by one.

Why is hair lost?

Hair loss problem is seen in both men and women. Hair losses are due to hormones, stress or shock.

Actions to Be Taken Before Hair Transplantation

Before the hair transplantation, there are certain considerations that people must do.
• Before the hair transplantation, person should have breakfast.
• If person is smoking or using alcohol, should stop in one week before transplantation.
• If person uses blood thinner drugs such as aspirin, should stop in one week before transplantation. .
• During the hair transplantation, person should wear clothes that he/she is comfortably getting on and taking off.

Prices of Hair Transplantation

Price of hair transplantation varies from person to person. If the area to be implanted is small, the procedure can be performed at a low price. But if it is a wide area, the price of hair transplantation differs depending on it.

PRP-Supported Hair Transplantation

With PRP supported hair transplantation, people’s hair grow more vivid and more quickly. PRP procedure is an operation that blood received from person is separated and its rich fraction is injected to person. By PRP, the hair is mor enatural and vivid.

The Results of Defective Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation operation should be absolutely performed by a plastic surgeon or dermatologist. As a result of hair transplantation operation in any unsafe hair transplantation center, or making it done to the non-specialists, you might have come up with defective hair transplantation. As a result of this, you may look like a grass man and it would be difficult to return it. Therefore, we strongly recommend you to choose experts.

Should Be Hair Transplantation Center Paid Attention?

After you have decided to hair transplantation procedure, a hair transplantation center should be searched. In this regard, people should be very careful, while choosing the center. The center must have all documents. Before deciding the hair transplantation, you should absolutely choose the center by researching.

Is There Any Risk in Hair Transplantation?

Although hair transplantation operation seems to be a simple operation, it is ultimately a surgical procedure. Against any risk, the procedure must be performed in any place in accordance with the operating conditions.

Is the Anesthesia Applied on Hair Transplantation?

Though the hair transplantation operation is a simple process, it is also a surgical operation. Hair transplantation operations are performed under local anesthesia. In this way, people do not suffer pain and ache during and after hair transplantation.

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