Hair Loss Treatments

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)

PRP treatment can be defined as the division of the blood which is rich in healing and growth factors seperating and injecting it into the desired area of treatment in the body. Prp treatment has a special place in hair loss for cell healing, repair and therefore hair growth. Prp treatment is the stimulation of hair cells in the applied area when there is hair loss problems, which the cells are not dead actually but have reduced their activity. This gives the practitioners of this treatment the opportunity of re-hair growing or stopping hair loss at the site of treatment with Prp. In addition to hair treatment, facial rejuvenation is frequently used in the treatment of sports diseases.

  • Provides protection of hair that is transplanted by feeding the hair follicles after hair transplant.
  • Accelerates the recovery process after hair transplant.
  • Supports the circulation structure of the skin.
  • It stimulates the hair follicles in the sleep phase and helps to extend the hair.
  • It is applied to men and women in the treatment of shedding.
  • Increases hair growth after hair transplant.
  • Feeding the hair wires, thickening and provides permanent.
  • It also helps to revitalize your thin and weak hair roots.
  • There are 7 main stem cell stimulating factors in PRP content. Blood from the patient is converted to platelet-rich plasma by means of a centrifuge. It is also re-applied to the individual by combining with various vitamins and amino acids.

PDGF (Platelet-derived growth factor)
TGF-a and b (Transformational growth factor alpha and beta)
EGF (Epidermal growth factor)
FGF (Fibroblast growth factor)
IGF (Insulin-like growth factor)
PDEGF (Thrombocyte-induced epidermal growth factor)
PDAF (Thrombocyte induced angiogenesis factor)

Hair Mesotherapy

Hair mesotherapy is a type of treatment applied to the scalp in certain periods to stop the hair loss, improve the quality of the existing hair and activate the new hair. Each session is performed with special mesotherapy injections and medications for 15 minutes and an average of 10 sessions. Mesotherapy medicines are given to the skin with special mesotherapy needles according to the technique. Because the scalp is too dense, capillary is very dense and these drugs quickly absorbed and act on the hair follicles. This method is incomparably more effective than all other medicines, tonics, shampoos, lotions and is FDA approved.

Hair mesotherapy is a method used by some patients to increase the number and quality of hair before the hair transplantation. It is a method that can be applied after the healing process of hair transplantation. Hair mesotherapy helps to the emergence of new hair follicles. Hair follicles need some vitamins and minerals to develop. With this method, the vitamins and minerals needed by the hair and some antioxidants are applied with fine injectors suitable for the scalp. In this way, the hair follicles become dense by taking the necessary substances and the output of new hairs is accelerated.

Hair Botox

It increases the circulation by extending the capillaries immediately after hair transplantation or in the treatment of hair loss. Thus, it increases the involvement of transplanted hair follicles and nourishes. It provides a fast growth of hair follicles in hair loss treatment. It also protects hair follicles and stops hair loss and thickens hair fibers.

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