Hair Transplant Techniques

FUE TECHNIQUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)

The Fue technique is the process of separating the hair follicles from the tissue with micromotor using cylindrical micro punches with a diameter of 0.7-0.8-0.85 mm and a length of 3,5-4 mm. Each group can have 1, 2 or 3 hair roots. Only 1 in each group of 4 follicles is taken at the donor site. Donor area does not occur at this rate. The maximum number of grafts can be taken according to the needs of the patient. There are no scars in the donor area, no stitches or cuts are performed. The recovery process is fast, as the tissue will quickly extract after the transplant grafts are removed. Pain is not felt during operation.

Advantages of FUE;

* After FUE, the patient can apply the desired style to his/her hair.
* There is no trace in the donor area in FUE technique. PAIN is not felt.
* Certain result
* Healing process is very fast.
* Non-stitch/ scar marks.
* Applicable to patients of all ages.
* Applicable to women and men.
* Can be used also as a donor region from the body, not just from the scalp.
* Maximum graft amounts can be taken with FUE technique.
* Very natural results are obtained.
* No resting required. After 1 day, the patient can return to work,social life and travel.
* There is no need for dressing and bandage after the operation.
* It is the fastest, the most comfortable and the most natural results for patients and doctors.

DHI (Direct Hair Implant)

DHI is the technique of transferring hair follicles to the desired area. In this technique, hair follicles are transported directly to the tissue in natural hair directions using DHI patented device DHI implants (choi).
The hair loss rate can be applied in patients up to Norwood level 3, unshaven transplants and patients under 40 years of age. A frequent and natural appearance can be obtained in the hair. Hair follicles are removed by FUE micromotor.

Sapphire Slide

It is a tip used to open the channels to transport grafts. 0.9, 1.25, 1.5, 2 mm sapphire inserts are used depending on the follicle density and tissue structure of the grafts. The sapphire of this tip is used to traumatize the tissue at a minimum, to provide faster healing, less scar formation and a smooth appearance on the skin. It also protects the person’s existing hair with minimum damage during the grooving phase.

Laser Slide

A slide tip is used to open the channels where the grafts will be transplanted. 1.2, 1.4, 2 mm laser slides are used according to the follicle density and tissue structure of the grafts.
It does not damage the existing hair because it does not disrupt the follicle structure when opening the channel with Laser slide. The hair doesn’t fall. Therefore, it is a suitable technique for the areas to be tightened. Very successful results are obtained with this technique.

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