Hair Transplantation Process

The operation process starts with the first examination. After hair analysis, the front hairline is determined in front of the mirror. The patient is consulted. It’s planned to the planting area according to the donor competence. All information is shared with the patient.

Stage 1

The patient is prepared for operation. Blood tests are done. Photos are taken for use in the operation follow-up. Hair is shaved according to the technique.

Stage 2

This is the process of taking the hair follicles with micropunches using a micromotor. The hair follicles that are independent are counted as 1, 2 and 3, and stored in special medical solutions at -4 to +10 degrees environment.

Stage 3

It is the process of opening the channels with the most suitable technique to the area where the hair will be transported. The thin channels to be opened to the front hair line should be opened to the skin with a narrow angle and forward direction. Channel angles should be increased as you go back. The width and depth of the channels to be opened should be adjusted according to the thickness and length of the grafts. In the Vertex region, a natural appearance should be created by opening the hair with proper angle, direction and depth. The frequency, direction and volume of the hair are determined during the opening of the channels. Therefore, the right technique and experience are very important.

Stage 4

It is the process of transferring the hair follicles taken by FUE technique into opened channels. Correct placement should be made in such a way that the hair roots remain inside. The hair roots should not be traumatized during transplantation. Healthy transport of hair follicles is very important in terms of efficiency of the result. Hair roots should be placed according to the channel directions.

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