How Should Be Planned Hair Transplatation

Doctor and patient communication is very important when planning.

Thanks to the carefully planned operation process for each patient, techniques and 10 years of experience, it provides excellent results by transferring the hairline and hair in accordance with the natural hair directions that best suit the anatomy, age and characteristics of the face.

Hair transplant planning, doing a little illusionist. An adult male head has between 100,000 and 120,000 hair strands. According to the Norwood scale, an average loss of 60,000 hair follicles occurred in a patient with 5-6 levels. The average number of healthy transplantable roots in the donor area is 10,000. According to these measurements, we aim to revise the loss of 60,000 wires with 10,000 wires and to achieve a certain frequency and naturalness in doing so.

When planning the graft acquisition, attention should be paid to avoiding dilution of the donor area, avoiding gaps and maintaining healthy structure.

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