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In order to obtain a natural look in hair transplantation, it is necessary to decide first where the front hair line should start. In making this decision; according to the ratio of the hair of the person, the shape of the face, the lower end of the nose chin and the distance between the eyebrow and nose (golden ratio), it is calculated how much a forehead front line must be left. Normally, the front hairline starts at a distance of 7 to 11 cm from the midpoint between the two eyebrows. Here, the thin channels to be opened to the front hair line should be opened and turned to the front with a narrow angle. As you go backwards, the channel angles must be increased by increasing the depth and width of the channels to be opened so that they are equal to the thickness and length of the grafts. The thickness of the planted grafts and the thickness of the channels should be the same. Grafts planted in a narrow opening canal, in appearance, called the lawn man and will give the appearance of an unnatural hair transplantation. Instead of rotating the hair with appropriate angle, depth and direction, the canals should be urgently and the grafts should be planted in the same manner and a natural appearance should be provided.

The hair follicles must be separated into 1-stranded 2-by-3 hair follicles. For a natural look, 1-stranded hair follicles should be transplanted to the front hair line. For the formation of density and volume, 2 and 3 hair follicles should be transplanted to the vertex top region after the front hair line.

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