Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery

Specialist Dr. Tekin Gumusoglu

Spc. F. Tekin GÜMÜŞOĞLU was born in Rize,1956. After graduating from Çapa Medical Faculty, he has specialized in Plastic Surgery at Oxford Medical School. Throughout his career he worked in Esnaf Hospital, Haydarpasa Numune Hospital, Oxford Faculty of Medicine, Turkey Hospital, Italian Hospital, Aksaray Foundation Hospital, Istanbul Cerrahi Hospital. Spc F. Tekin Gümüşoğlu works as a Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeon in Nişantaşı Hospital.

About Nis Estetik
For years, NIS AESTHETIC has served in senior clinics and hospitals, which is one of the most experienced teams in the hair transplantation sector and aesthetic surgery, operates in a person’s hair transplantation and treatments in Turkey.
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