Why Hair Transplantation Should Be Done?

One in every 3 men in the world and one in 5 women have hair loss problems. Unfortunately, results are permanent due to genetic and environmental factors. Therefore, the only permanent solution to re-hair growth is to have hair transplantation.

Hair transplant operation, lasting for 5-6 hours, the recovery process is very fast and painless.

Thanks to the carefully planned operation process for each patient, techniques and 10 years of experience, it provides excellent results by transferring the hairline and hair in accordance with the natural hair directions that best suit the anatomy, age and characteristics of the face.

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About Nis Estetik
For years, NIS AESTHETIC has served in senior clinics and hospitals, which is one of the most experienced teams in the hair transplantation sector and aesthetic surgery, operates in a person’s hair transplantation and treatments in Turkey.
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